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Ant mining machine S9 a day can dig how many coins?

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Ant mining machine S9 a day to dig how much
S9 computing power 13.5T, the current network computing power 6.39eh /s, 1E=1024P, 1P=1024T, 1T=1024G, one S9 one day generated bitcoin is [13.5/ (6.39*1024*1024)] *180≈ 0.0036bTC.
Ant Miner S9 Introduction: Each operation board consumes approximately 360-460 watts and is rated at 12 volts and 34.3 amperes. The S9’s total power consumption is between 1078-1550 watts, depending on the computing power and ambient temperature. Maximum power consumption at 40 ° C is 1550 watts. Powering the unit with a standard power adapter will result in a power consumption of approximately 1600 watts (533W per board).
Ant mining machine S9 boot notes
1. Check that all cables are properly connected. Make sure they are firmly connected and in the correct alignment position.
2. When energizing the machine, please be sure to energize the operation board first and then the control board.
3. The total current of the S9 is about 8 amperes at 220V and 9 amperes at 110V. Most home power outlets offer only 10 amps. For your safety, if you operate the S9 at home, power it through two sockets located on separate power cords. If you are not familiar with residential wiring, we recommend that you do not use this machine for domestic mining.
4. When setting up the equipment, leave proper space between the power supply and the mining machine.
5.S9 uses DHCP to obtain an IP address. The default user name and password are root.

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Ant mining machine S9 a day can dig how many coins?
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